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    21年12月英語四級翻譯坎兒井原題是什么 及其答案參考

    21年12月英語四級翻譯坎兒井原題是什么 及其答案參考


    坎兒井(Karez)是新疆干旱地區的一種水利系統,由地下渠道將水井連接而成。該系統將春夏季節滲入(seep into)地下的大量雨水及積雪融水收集起來,通過山體的自然坡度引到地面,用于灌溉農田和滿足人們的日常用水需求??矁壕疁p少了水在地面的蒸發( evaporation ),對地表破壞很小,因而有效地保護了自然資源與生態環境??矁壕w現了我國人民與自然和諧共存的智慧,是對人類文明的一大貢獻。


    Karez is a water conservancy system found in the dry region of Xinjiang, in which underground channels join wells to-gether. The system collects a large amount of rainwater and melted snow water that seep underground , and drains the water to the ground by the natural mountain slope for the irrigation of fields and the daily use. Karez reduces the evap-oration on the ground and does little harm to the surface, thus protecting natural resources and the ecological envi-ronment effectively . The system embodies the Chinese wisdom that people and nature co-exist in harmony, and is well recognized as a major contribution to the human civili-zation.


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